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When Yoox first launched YooxMirror earlier this year it was the first AI-powered virtual styling suite, which now allows users to personalise their avatars.

Targeted towards the fashion-conscious consumer – users can create their own customisable digital avatar by uploading a selfie or photograph then mixing and matching clothing to put together outfits which they can purchase in-app or share with friends on social media.

What is YooxMirror?

Yoox which is part of the Net-a-Porter group, is an online lifestyle store where you can shop fashion, design and art. Its app provides a personalised shopping experience which is supposed to make “discovery” quicker and easier.

YooxMirror is its AI-powered virtual mirror launched last year, offering customers the ability to explore the retailer’s catalogue by virtually dressing an avatar called Daisy.

Earlier this month Yoox added a new feature allowing users to upload a selfie or photo to create a personalised virtual 3D model of themselves.

Dubbed “YooxMirror Reloaded”, the new app will give users access to 250 products every week organised in nine fashion themes presented as “stories”.

Charged took a closer look to see how it did.

The Good


On first opening the app the mirror feature is impossible to miss, you then have the option of using the preset avatar or uploading a selfie to create your own avatar which can take a maximum of three days for Yoox to process. Both male and female options are available and the skin tone is automatically adjusted to match the image uploaded.

In the meantime you can browse apparel and accessories and use the original avatar Daisy to piece together outfits while your own avatar processes.

In the end you are left with a very realistic avatar of yourself to try on countless outfits. All the items have price tags superimposed onto them so you’re not left wondering how much an item costs.


The app is easy to navigate, with everything laid out logically. New arrivals are featured on the homepage and for December it even features a gift edit to “find the perfect present”.

The homepage isn’t too crowded and it’s obvious that the app has been thoughtfully curated by Net-A-Porter. At the top it invites you to explore the YooxMirror and create looks in its virtual changing rooms.

There are five different themes as well as clothing split into categories which provides an easier shopping experience. The brand name, price and availability is displayed under each item – giving you all the vital information at once.

Above the avatar is the total price of your outfit, which changes and you switch different items, so you if you’re working with a specific budget you can easily keep track.

Thoughtful additions

For each outfit you put together on your avatar, you have the option to save it to your camera roll for later, send directly via imessage or onto social media for your followers to see.

When reviewing your final outfit, the app displays your avatar on multiple different interactive backgrounds, which is a nice finishing touch.

A sales tab is also situated at the top off the app to notify users of any ongoing promotions.

Users also don’t have to add any payment or address details so as soon as they’ve made their account, they’re free to browse and explore the app.

The Bad

Wait time

The wait time of three days could potentially put users off, especially if they want to visualise themselves in an outfit quickly before making a purchase.

That said, for Charged it only took around 12 hours for our custom avatar to be processed and we found that no user was left waiting long enough to complain online.

Image Quality

After waiting three days for Yoox to superimpose your head onto the avatar, users would probably expect avatars to look photo-realistic.

While it certainly isn’t bad, its something anyone with basic Photoshop skills could put together in a few minutes, leaving us to wonder why it can take so long to process.

Verdict – GREAT

YooxMirror prides itself on allowing shoppers to express their style and explore the very best of the YOOX fashion in a personalized, interactive and engaging way.

The app achieves this and the overall experience was seamless, with little to no snags along the way. However waiting three days to process a selfie seemed exceptionally long when other platforms manage to upload images instantly.

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