Canada Goose opens experiential store with artificial snow storms but no products


Canada Goose has launched a new experiential store which subjects customers to daily artificial snow storms, but contains no products.

‘The Journey’, launched this week in Toronto, is designed to recreate the conditions and atmosphere of the artic using a mix of OLED TV screens, 4K laser projections, walls designed to mimic rock and of course artificial snow machines.

H/O: Canada Goose concept store 2
Source: Canada Goose

To enter the store customers must enter “The Crevasse”, a thin corridor between walls which look and feel like rock with OLED screens under glass on the floor which simulate ice cracking when walked over.

Next is the “Elements Room” in which nature films about the artic shot in British Columbia are projected from 4K laser projectors on the ceiling.

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Customer will then be guided to the “Gear Room” where staff will present different Canada Goose jackets, explain briefly how they work to keep you warm and ask you to select one before entering the “Cold Room”.

While other stores have “Cold Rooms” designed to similar artic conditions and demonstrate the efficacy of its products, this is the first with real snow, which falls every day.

H/O: Canada Goose concept store 1
Source: Canada Goose

Temperatures in the room, which will play original films about the cold on projected each wall, can range from -12 degrees Celsius to -20.

Finally, customers will exit into the retail area, where they can search and purchase items on a digital kiosk, which will be delivered the next day if orders are made before 2pm.

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