Walmart rolls out Nuro’s autonomous delivery robots

Walmart has partnered with Nuro to launch autonomous delivery robots in Houston in a bid to evolve its “future delivery offerings”.

Autonomous delivery robots will be utilised to deliver orders to select Walmart customers in the Houston area who have opted into the programme in early 2020, with plans to expand the service to more customers throughout the year.

Nuro has focused on developing self-driving technology which will power both its R2 autonomous robots, able to carry up to six grocery bags in two separate compartments, and autonomous Toyota Priuses which will also carry out deliveries.

Its R2 robots are already being utilised by Kroger and Dominos pizza across the US.

The pilot delivery scheme is designed to help the pair learn more about how autonomous grocery delivery will work in the real world and how it could be refined.

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“Walmart is committed to serving our customers whenever and however they choose to shop,” Walmart’s head of digital operations Tom Ward said.

“We are excited to work with Nuro and continue to learn as we are incorporating self-driving technology in our delivery options, learning more about our customers’ needs, and evolving Walmart’s future delivery offerings.”

Nuro’s head of partner relations Cosimo Leipold added: “Walmart’s dedication to its customers aligns with our desire to help people save time and money while making shopping easier. We are excited to join forces with Walmart to help provide the best possible delivery experience to customers.

“Working alongside Walmart gives us an incredible opportunity to improve our door-to-door operations, serve Walmart’s loyal customers, and continue to integrate and engage with the Houston community.”

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