Tesco to add environmental impact warnings to food

Tesco will launch a new metric on 20 of its most popular own-brand items to warn customers of the products’ environmental impact.

As part of a collaboration with WWF, Tesco will use a new metric to help customers visualise the impact of its most frequently sold own-brand items.

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The metric will allow customers to quickly asses how their choice in a food item will go on to impact climate change; deforestation; sustainable diets; sustainable agriculture; marine impact; food waste and packaging waste.

Each of those seven impacts Each of these impacts will be allocated a different weighting to give products an overall percentage score, with climate change given the highest (25 per cent) weighting and packaging waste (8 per cent) the lowest.

The  Tesco-WWF Sustainable Basket Metric features items such as bananas, blueberries, rice, chicken breast, free range eggs and salmon.

Under their collaborative efforts, by early 2020 Tesco and WWF will have analysed data and produced an overall score for each of the 20 products.

This information will enable the supermarket to set a date by which it believes its target of halving the impact of the average UK shopping basket can be reached.

“Throughout our partnership, we’ll be carrying out industry-leading work to make food production more sustainable, including sourcing commodities like soy and palm oil from verified zero-deforestation areas, and improving soil health and water usage on farms in the UK,” said Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis said.

“Working together, we can help to ensure the natural environment is protected for future generations,” he added.

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