Ebay: ‘Chrimbo limbo’ a “brilliant opportunity for brands”

‘Chrimbo limbo’ presents a “brilliant opportunity for brands” as time-rich consumers turn to online shopping in the final days of the year, according to Ebay.

Ebay searches rose 62 per cent in the three days following Christmas in 2018, remaining consistently high until the end of the year as shoppers hunted for presents they missed out on over Christmas.

“As these new insights demonstrate, the week after Christmas is an important additional retail ‘moment’ for marketers to focus on,” MediaCom’s managing partner Pauline Robson said.

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“While brands battle for consumer attention in the busy build up to Christmas, there’s a good argument to be made to stagger spend throughout December and hold back some budget for the post-Christmas period.”

According to Ebay’s data, last year daily searches for “Xbox” shot up 71 per cent overnight, and a further 31 per cent on Boxing Day.

Searches for “iPhone” and “Mulberry Handbag” similarly jumped 70 and 85 per cent overnight respectively, rising a further 22 and 33 per cent throughout December 26.

Women were reportedly the primary shoppers during the post-Christmas period seeing a 63 per cent rise in search volumes compared to a 26 per cent increase in searched made by men.

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