Apple, Google, Amazon, Ikea, Samsung and Philips Hue team up to allow smart home devices to work together

Tech giants Apple, Google and Amazon are teaming up alongside Ikea, Samsung Smart Things and Philips Hue to develop an open-source smart home standard.

The project intends to enable devices to work together, and therefore make the development of new devices easier.

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The alliance will mean that any supported smart home device a consumer buys will work in their home, regardless of which smartphone or voice assistant they’re using.

If the group succeeds, “customers can be confident that their device of choice will work in their home and that they will be able to setup and control it with their preferred system,” the companies write.

The three tech giants are forming a group called Project Connected Home over IP, which will also be joined by the Zigbee Alliance, the maker of another smart home protocol.

Ikea, Samsung SmartThings, and the Signify, the company behind Philips Hue will also join the group.

Technology from each of the three companies’ smart home systems, Apple’s HomeKit, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google’s Weave, will be contributed to the new standard.

The system is expected to simplify product development and reduce costs “by giving them one standard for building their products” and is slated to release an initial draft in late 2020.

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