Amazon taken to court after hackers speak to children through Ring doorbells


Amazon is being taken to court after one of its Ring video doorbells was illegally accessed by a hacker who was able to watch and speak to his three young children.

John Baker Orange has filed a proposed class action lawsuit with the Los Angeles federal court seeking unspecified damages for the incident.

Orange’s Ring camera, which he paid $249 for in July, was accessed by a hacker while his three children aged, seven, nine and ten were playing basketball in his driveway and used its speaker to tell them to move closer to the device.

“A company that sells a device that is supposed to protect occupants of a home shouldn’t become a platform for potentially endangering those occupants,” Orange’s lawyer John Yanchunis said.

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“So many devices are tethered to the Internet, and consumers simply don’t have a realization of how that can be so easily exploited.

Several other hacking incidents have been reported on the devices, which Orange argues do not protect against cyber-attacks despite Amazon assuring “peace of mind”.

Amazon purchased Ring, which creates video doorbells allowing customers to view the video feed on their phone whenever the bell is rung, April 2018 for $839 million.

The online retail giant said it did not comment on legal matters.

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