‘Takeback Thursday’ to see 72% hike in returns

Online returns are expected to jump 72 per cent today on ‘Takeback Thursday’ amid the “busiest time of the year for returns”.

Takeback Thursday will see the number of people returning unwanted Christmas presents increase by nearly three quarters compared to an average day in December, according to new research from the Royal Mail.

Retailers are also increasingly under pressure to make the process as “user-friendly” as possible as 60 per cent of shoppers say they’d be unlikely to return to a retailer if it proved difficult.

“Having a clear, user-friendly returns policy has never been more important,” a Royal Mail spokesperson said.

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“It is a vital part of the online shopping experience. For retailers, ensuring their returns experience is in line with consumers’ expectations is key.”

‘Try before you buy’ schemes may offer a potential solution to the increasing pressures of online returns, with 58 per cent of shoppers stating they are more likely to use a retailer that offers this service, and a further 35 per cent stating they’d buy more items.

“Over a third of shoppers would purchase more items if a ‘try before you buy’ option was available from a retailer, so it’s important to consider putting such a service at the heart of your returns offering,” Royal Mail added.

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  • Unwanted Christmas presents eh, truly in the spirit of Christmas that.

  • Am I missing something? Isn’t any try before you buy scheme only going to make the consumer think even less about what they are buying and increase the returns problem? I’m not surprised the Royal Mail is promoting it!

  • As with most thing Ecom Amazon have driven peoples perception of what a returns process should feel like. Obviously its not Amazon themselves that suffer it the companies simply using their platform !


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