Boots launches ‘Reboot Quiz’ to help customers become “happier and healthier”


Boots has launched a new digital wellness quiz on its ecommerce site in a bid to “help millions of people become healthier and happier.”

In partnership with Public Health England (PHE) the health and beauty retailer has launched the “Reboot Quiz”, a questionnaire which will help customers understand their personal health needs.

After answering questions about their diet, how much they drink, smoke and exercise and about their daily stress levels, they will then receive personalised product and lifestyle recommendations.

This marks the first initiative in a three-year partnership between Boots and PHE, which says that over half of all adults in the UK are at increased risk of chronic disease due to their waist circumferences.

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“For 170 years, Boots has tried to help people live the healthiest lives that they can and I think that this partnership with PHE is what we are all about,” PHE’s chief executive Duncan Selbie said.

“By combining our experience and the huge number of people who shop with us, with PHE’s unparalleled expertise and knowledge, we think that we can help millions of people become healthier and happier.”

“I hope that everybody will use the quiz on our website and follow the personalised advice that we send. For sure I will be using it to set my own new year resolutions.”

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