Burger King starts accepting Bitcoin payments


Burger King has begun accepting various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin as it launches a pioneering new partnership.

According to Cointelegraph the fast food giant has become the latest chain to begin accepting digital currencies.

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It has partnered with start-up Cryptobuyer, which oversees the conversion of digital currencies into Fiat currencies for businesses, and now accepts Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Dash and Tether at a single branch in Venezuela.

According to a blog post from Dash executives, a further 40 locations across the country will begin accepting digital currencies throughout 2020.

Although various major retailers such as Crate, Nordstrom, Barrel and Whole Foods began accepting cryptocurrencies in the US over 2019, they have become especially significant as a method of payment in Venezuela amid its current major financial crisis.

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