Smart speakers have reached ‘mass adoption’ in the UK


The UK has reached ‘mass adoption’ of smart speakers with nearly a quarter of all households containing a voice-activated device representing a “powerful tool for brands”.

According to new research from customer consultancy Quadrangle, 22 per cent of UK citizens have a smart speaker in their home, up dramatically from just nine per cent in 2017.

This growth has been driven largely by younger consumers, with 53 per cent of millennials and 53 per cent of Gen-Z stating they believe voice technology is the future, compared to 34 per cent of Baby Boomers.

Despite the generational disparity, all ages reportedly remain concerned about privacy issues regarding smart speakers.

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Seventy per cent of the UK public are uncomfortable with how brands store and use their personal data, including 51 per cent of Baby Boomers and 47 per cent of Gen-Z and Millenials.

“This report clearly illustrates the data privacy concerns that stretch across all generations,” Quadrangle’s group chief executive Ben Skelton said.

“Brands need to find a balance between personalisation, transparency and humanity when engaging with consumers.

“Voice technology can potentially unite all three of these to manage customer interactions with brands – but it requires brands to communicate how data is being used with clarity and to be transparent about the benefits and drawbacks.”

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