Returns “flood back into second week of January” this year


Christmas returns have continued to “flood back into the second week of January” as retailers struggle to handle an extended take-back period.

According to home delivery expert ParcelHero the length and volume of the peak return period has surprised courier services and retailers this year, extending past last week’s “Takeback Thursday”.

“The courier industry was all set for last Thursday to become ‘Takeback Thursday’ as millions of unwanted gifts were sent back to stores on the first day back at work,” ParcelHero’s head of consumer research David Jinks said.

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“However, returns have actually continued to flood back into the second week of January, probably because many people took extra holiday, and are only now returning to the realities of work and dealing with unwanted or faulty gifts.”

Last week it was reported that ‘Takeback Thursday’ was due to see online returns volumes jump a whopping 72 per cent amid the “busiest time of the year for returns”.

In the US, returns were expected to rise six per cent to around $100 billion, placing an unprecedented strain on retailers logistics operations.

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