Game is offering store credit for unwanted pairs of socks


Game is offering customers store credit for unwanted pairs of socks in a new charity drive aiming to “kickstart 2020 positively”.

The New Year Sock Swap initiative, launched in collaboration with the YMCA will give gamers £2 store credit for every donated pair of unwanted socks.

Aiming to make use of the swathes of unwanted socks gifted over the holiday period, Game will donate the socks to “people who actually want them” in homeless shelters across the UK.

“Following the Christmas period, unwanted socks get thrown to the back of the drawer and forgotten, or worse still – they go straight in the bin,” it said in a press release.

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“Over 25 per cent of Brits class socks as their least-desired Christmas present, with a combined £5 billion a year wasted on unwanted presents, whilst the number one requested item for the UK’s homeless shelter is….. socks!”

The socks must obviously be clean and unworn and must be traded in with other items such as old tablets, phones and consoles, which Game is offering £15 store credit for.

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