92% of online retail apps “actively” leak personal data

Almost all dedicated retail apps leak sensitive user data including phone numbers and geolocation, according to mobile security firm NewSecure.

After testing 250 of the most popular mobile apps on Android, 70 per cent were found to leak personal data including full names, usernames, email addresses, account numbers, devices serial numbers, phone numbers and geolocation.

Shockingly retail apps were by far the worst, with a whopping 92 per cent online retail apps and 82 per cent of brick and mortar retail apps “actively” leaking data.

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In light of the damning research NowSecure has advised users to delete all retail apps from their devices unless they are certain of their safety.

“After extensive testing, NowSecure is issuing a global warning to the millions of mobile app consumers and businesses to temporarily stop using top retail and e-commerce apps,” the company told Retail Dive.

“Millions of users operate under the false assumption that the apps on their phones are safe.”

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