Ebay warns retailers to prepare for ‘weather-agnostic’ shopping sprees this winter

Ebay is warning retailers to “expect the unexpected” this winter as shoppers engage in weather-agnostic shopping sprees.

“It’s easy to look at cold, windy weather and assume that all shoppers will want raincoats, umbrellas and hot water bottles,” Ebay’s EU director of advertising sales Mike Klinkhammer said.

However according to the online giant, searches for ‘fans’ jumped six per cent in the UK during Storm Callum and 19 per cent during Storm Deidre compared to two days prior.

Furthermore, searches for ‘mini fridge’ appeared to surge 11 and 31 per cent during both storms respectively, while searches for an ‘ice cream maker’ shot up eight and 50 per cent respectively.

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Searches for items like ‘flight pillows’ and ‘wetsuits’ also skyrocketed as much as 67 per cent during both storms, as the heavy rain caused people to fantasise about their next holiday.

MediaCom’s director Ruth Chalisey added: “From scorching summers to cold wet winters, the weather has an enormous impact on consumer behaviour.

“However, while some people are predictable, many aren’t – in fact, they can be just as unpredictable as the weather itself.

“So, with shoppers ready to come out of the woodwork when storms rage outdoors, there are big opportunities for brands that can expect the unexpected. To do this, brands need to be prepared to be agile, observe the way the changing winds affect behaviour and react in real-time.”

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