In-store automation provides major competitive advantage for retailers


In-store automation has become a major competitive advantage for retailers promising to attract online shoppers back to the high street.

Nearly 60 per cent of customers say they would shift their purchases to a retail store utilising in-store automation over one without, according to new research from Capgemini.

A further 46 per cent of consumers say they would be willing to shift their online purchasing to physical stores which offered automation, transferring an average of between 20 and 25 per cent of their purchases.

Two thirds of customers believe that automation is able to prevent long checkout queues, 60 per cent feel automation can help them find products, while 56 per cent said it could help them identify what’s out of stock.

It could also help boost sales, according to the research, which says 60 per cent of consumers would spend an average of 22 per cent more with a retailers who accept online returns via automation.

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Retailers who already use automation said they had seen an 11 per cent increase in store sales.

Three quarters of retailers also feel that automation can help them offer more sustainable solutions, reflecting a growing consumer demand for more environmentally friendly solutions.

“Automation provides a huge opportunity for retailers to gain back some of the ground they’ve lost to digital-native competitors and protect the market share they currently have through better efficiency, more convenience, and better sustainability,” Capgemini’s global head of consumer goods Tim Bridges said.

“Making the right investment choice and acknowledging the need for a range of deployments across different functions could unlock significant potential across both operational and customer-facing department. Even in our technology-centric world it’s rare to find one investment opportunity with such wide-reaching potential.”

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