Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay told to tackle counterfeits as China-US trade deal looms

Amazon, Alibaba, Ebay and other ecommerce giants have been warned that the upcoming US – China trade deal will dramatically clamp down on counterfeit goods.

Peter Navarro, the White House trade advisor told CNBC that a “big part” of the trade deal will be based around scrutinising counterfeit goods in both countries.

The pair have now signed the first-step trade agreement which calls on both sides to “combat the prevalence of counterfeit” goods.

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This specifically referred to online marketplaces taking more responsibility for preventing intellectual property infringement.

“We don’t love regulations in this administration, but what we do love is corporations accepting their appropriate responsibility,” Navarro said.

“Right now it’s skewed. If you’re an intellectual property rights holder, whether you’re Michael Kors or Louis Vuitton or Pfizer selling prescription drugs, the onus is really on your company to police the internet, where a lot of this counterfeiting occurs. That’s not right.

“Amazon, Alibaba, Shopify,,, all of these companies have a responsibility to police the problem.”

In response, Amazon said that its efforts “have ensured that over 99% of the products our customers view on Amazon never receive a complaint about counterfeits”.

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