56% of Brits shopped drunk last year wracking up £29bn in sales


Drunk shopping accounted for £28.7 billion in sales in the UK in 2019, as more than half of Brits admit to shopping while under the influence.

Fifty-six per cent of Brits said they had shopped online drunk last year, with nearly a third of shoppers purchasing apparel, accessories and shoes.

The average drunk shopper spent £42.76 on clothing, while perhaps unsurprisingly half of respondents admitted to ordering takeaways.

The research, conducted by Finder.com, also found that men were more likely than women (58 per cent vs 53 per cent) to shop while drunk and more likely to splurge, spending an average of £205.74 more than women.

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Londoners were the worst culprits, with 67 per cent of residents engaging in drunk shopping, followed by 64 per cent of those in the North East and 63 per cent of those in Wales.

“Our research has highlighted that many Brits are spending money whilst drunk that they might not spend when they’re sober,” Finder.com’s shopping and travel specialist Georgia-Rose Johnson said.

“These purchases may often be small amounts, but over the course of a year the costs add up.”

Although generation Z shoppers were most likely to shop while drinking (81 per cent), they spent £205.21 less than older generation X shoppers on average throughout the year.

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