H&M data leak “unacceptable” as it faces probe


H&M has branded the allegedly unlawful collection of private staff information “unacceptable” as a probe into its practices continues.

The retailer is understood to have collected private data on employees working at its customer centre in Germany through personnel interviews between employees and managers.

This data included health records and other information about personal circumstances, according to German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.

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The State Data Protection Commissioner Johannes Caspar subsequently launched a probe into the practice of sounding out and storing these details unlawfully.

“The qualitative and quantitative extent of the employee data accessible to the entire management level of the company shows a comprehensive research of the employees, which is without comparison in recent years,” he said.

Not only has the collection of the data been called into question but a leak in October meant that the confidential records were made accessible to regular employees, not just managers as intended.

H&M stated: “The local team has taken a range of action and is in close dialogue with all colleagues. Since the incident is in legal examination … we cannot further comment on that at the moment.”

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