Over half of shoppers would prioritise a sustainable retailer

Sustainability initiatives are becoming increasingly vital for retailers as a majority of shoppers say they would prioritise retailers who showed a consistent effort to be sustainable.

Over half of shoppers aged between 16 and 34 said they’d be more likely to shop with a retailer that has shown a consistent effort to be sustainable over one that hadn’t, according to new research from Censuswide.

“Mass movements, social media campaigns and high-profile influencers have had a profound and positive impact on the consumer psyche when it comes to sustainability,” director of customer experience at Conversity, which commissioned the research, Sarah Cameron said.

“In effect, consumers are adopting something of a ‘post-war’ mindset in that they are now making far more considered purchases. Retailers and brands should be looking to latch onto this, by better personalising their experiences to empower customers to have the confidence to buy what is right for them, and to reduce the likelihood of returns.”

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Younger shoppers were found to be more concerned about sustainability than older shoppers, with 52 per cent of shoppers ages between 16 and 24 stating they’d prefer to buy from sustainable retailers, compared to 48 per cent of over 55s.

Initiatives shoppers would like to see from retailers include clear labelling that details sustainable production methods (37 per cent), alongside a clear commitment to a sustainable returns process (29 per cent).

“Technology such as intelligent guided selling (IGS) has a leading role to play here,” Cameron added.

“By capturing insight on shopper needs in the moment, recommendation logic and elastic search is used to match product attributes, offering the best personalised recommendations.

“Consumers navigate through a plethora of product options quickly and easily and they have confidence in their purchase, which increases conversion and reduces the chance of returns. This helps organisations to emphasise their brand ethics and sustainability message around considered purchasing through personalisation.”

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