Sainsbury’s launched ‘pawfect match’ finder to help customer find ideal pets

Sainsbury’s has launched a new online tool for customers to find their perfect breed of cat or dog before committing to purchase after finding that 22 per cent regret their choice.

The grocer’s pet insurance arm has launched the ‘Find Your Pawfect Pet” tool, which will ask customers a range of factors like the size of your house and garden, if you live with children and how much exercise you get to determine their perfect breed.

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A survey conducted by the supermarket found that 51 per cent of cat and dog owners did no research before buying their pet, leading to more than one in five to regret their decision.

Of those 31 per cent said they didn’t have enough time to look after their animal, while 16 per cent didn’t like their pet’s personality.

“I am saddened to hear that so many pet owners are regretting the animals they have chosen as companions,” Sainsbury’s Scott Miller said.

“Dogs and cats come in all shapes and sizes, and have different temperaments. Looking after a pet is a huge commitment so it is important that people undertake adequate research before buying a pet to ensure it is a happy experience.”

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