Eve Sleep launches new ASMR-otica content to bring together “sleep-inducing experiences of ASMR and an orgasm”

Eve Sleep is has launched a mystifying new initiative mixing Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) with erotic fiction in order to “arouse and illicit a climax” from its customers.

“ASMR-otica” has been launched in time for Valentine’s Day by the retailer, which aims to “bring together the two wonderful sleep-inducing experiences of ASMR and an orgasm”.

ASMR is a new sensory phenomenon which has embedded itself firmly in the health and wellness industry, supposedly inducing a tingling sensation across the listeners entire body.

More than 13 million ASMR videos featuring high definition sounds of things like crackling, whispering, brushing of hands across fabric or falling sand have flooded YouTube in recent months.

Eve Sleep have sought to capitalise on this wildly popular wellness trend, working with creative agency The Romans and YouTube giant WhisperAudios ASMR to produce a new erotic ASMR piece of content.

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“We’ve combined ASMR and the nation’s favourite erotic novel, Lady Chatterley’s Lover to create the most wonderful, blissful sleep-inducing video ever,” the brand said.

The concept is based on largely anecdotal evidence that ASMR helps can users fall asleep within 5 minutes, while orgasms release a raft of sleep-inducing chemicals like Oxytocin.

Eve Sleep’s chief marketing officer Cheryl Calverley added: “At eve sleep, we believe that everyone deserves better sleep, and we’re deeply passionate about doing whatever it takes to help.

“Women in particular often struggle to get to sleep, thanks to the ever growing mental to-do list. We wanted to make winding down a bit more pleasurable, so this ASMR-erotica is our small contribution to help improve the nation’s sleep wellness, giving women everywhere the sleep they need to rise and shine.”

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