Ikea launches ‘Which Ikea icon are you?’ Instagram filter

Ikea has launched a new interactive Instagram app aiming to cash in on the “What X Are You” filter trend dominating the social media platform.

‘Which Ikea icon are you?’ allows users to determine which iconic Ikea product best defines their personality.

By visiting Ikea’s UK Instagram account and clicking on the filters section, users will be matched with one of 12 Ikea items including its classic meatballs, its cult blue Frakta bags and its Billy bookcase. 

  • Swedish meatballs – traditional and uncomplicated, you enjoy life’s simple pleasures
  • FRAKTA bag – Strong, dependable and love to make a bold statement
  • BILLY Bookcase – Book lover with a timeless style
  • Allen key – Goal achiever and peacekeeper, you bring everyone together and can turn anything around
  • KALLAX shelves – Practical and organised
  • STRANDMON armchair – Classy and cultured
  • HEMNES bed – Calm and collected daydreamer
  • FAMNIG HJÄRTA cushion – Extrovert socialite who also gives the best hugs
  • SENSUELL pan – A romantic who likes things a little saucy, steamy and occasionally stirs up trouble
  • BLÅHAJ shark – Big kid at heart, you’re care-free, easy-going and yes, a little random!
  • LUDDE sheepskin rug – the softie who is fluffy on the inside
  • GLIMMA tealights – Easily influences people, you set the mood wherever you go

This is Ikea’s latest foray into augmented reality, having updates its Ikea Place app in September to allow users to virtually visualise an entire room full of new furniture, rather that one item at a time.

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The Ikea Place app, originally launched in 2017, allows users to superimpose accurate 3D digital renderings of its products onto their smartphone camera feeds, letting them see how furniture would fit in their homes before committing to a purchase.

The next iteration of the app, which is now available for iOS and will soon be released for Android, uses artificial intelligence to render numerous pieces of furniture, meaning users can virtually fit out a whole room with furniture.

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