Apple introducing in-app purchasing to AR platform

Apple has updated its augmented reality (AR) Quick Look app allowing shoppers to purchase items in-app with the touch of a button.

Quick Look, launched in 2018, allows retailers to upload 3D renders of their items so users can superimpose virtual items into their homes using iPads and iPhones.

With Apple’s new update retailers can now add a button to the AR experience allowing shoppers to purchase the item immediately using Apple Pay.

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This button is reportedly customisable and could also link to the retailer’s customer service team to discuss colour and material options of the product before committing to purchase.

Apple’s ARKit feature allows retailers to upload 3D renders of their products with relative ease, and major brands including Wayfair, Home Depot and Bang & Olufsen have already begun implementing the feature.

Retailers can upload a simple 3D render in the form of a USDZ file, and ARKit will handle the scaling, shows and lighting to make the render look as realistic as possible.

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