Zero-waste online grocery service Loop to launch in UK next month

Zero waste shopping service Loop, which delivers branded items in refillable containers is set to launch in the UK next month.

Loop will partner with the UK’s largest supermarket Tesco next month, allowing customers to order their favourite brands to their door in packaging specially designed for reuse.

Once the items have been used customer can schedule a pickup time and Loop will collect the containers for free and clean them using “state of the art technology”.

Loop also allows customers to “auto-refill” their favourite items after they’re returned.

Nestle, Unilever, P&G and The Body Shop currently offer Loop’s service all of which have “redesigned” containers, such as steel ice-cream tubs, for reuse.

Last October Sky invested £1.5 million in Loop, marking the largest investment to date from the brands £25 million impact investment fund.

“Loop fundamentally changes the way we approach packing and waste,” Sky’s group chief executive Jeremy Darroch said.

“The transition to a circular economy will take time but big ideas like this can and will help change the world our children will inherit.”

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