This app warns you about unhealthy foods by scanning barcodes

Yuka is an app which aims to do away with misleading food labels allowing users to scan barcodes and instantly see the health impact of what they’re buying.

The French app, launched in the UK in June last year, is 100 per cent independent meaning that it receives no money from brands to influencer the data it provides.

Yuka currently recognises around 70 per cent of the products available in the UK and will evaluate the specific health impact of all the ingredients of a given food or cosmetic item.

These will be colour coded from green to red and a detailed analysis of each ingredient will be provided.

If a product has a generally negative effect on a shopper’s health, Yuka will recommend similar healthier items.

Users can personalise alerts to meet their specific nutritional needs and flag any allergens buried deep in the items label.

According to a survey of nearly 230,000 people conducted by the brand, 92 per cent of customers put a product back after seeing it was given a red rating by the app.

“Most food analyzing apps look at the nutritional quality but not the additives,” its founder Julie Chapon told Forbes.

“Our ultimate goal is that no-one needs Yuka anymore because the manufacturers will have made the necessary to improve their products and to propose only healthy products.”

The app currently boasts over 10 million users across France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Spain and the US.

Nestle Frances nutrition director Sylvie Willemin said: “Yuka pushes us to accelerate the improvement of our products, the simplification of our ingredients lists and the development of our organic and vegetable offerings.”

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