Tuesday is the most lucrative day of the week for online retailers

Tuesday is the most lucrative day of the week for ecommerce retailers seeing the highest percentage of conversion rates.

Conversion rates for online sales were 2.5 per cent on average on Tuesday’s, more than any other day of the week including weekends, according to new data from analytics firm Oribi.

Monday held the second highest conversion rates at 2.25 per cent, dropping progressively after Tuesday to a weekly low of 2.1 per cent on the weekend.

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By channel, Oribi found that direct traffic from sources like email marketing and mobile apps accounted for 48.9 per cent of traffic, unsurprisingly followed by Google which drove 35 per cent of traffic through organic search and a further 14.1 per cent through paid search.

Of the 11 per cent of total visitors who added items to their carts, just 39 per cent of those proceeded to checkout and 48 per cent of those actually made a purchase.

Price also paid a part in conversion rates via different channels, with conversion rates via social media for items under $100 coming above average a 2.6 per cent, but dropping to just 0.4 per cent for items over $100.

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