Amazon accused of racially profiling prospective employees by former manager


Amazon has been accused of racially profiling prospective employees by an employee who alleges she was fired after speaking out.

Lisa McCarrick, a former regional loss prevent manager at Amazon, has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the online retailer according to a Bloomberg report.

McCarrick has accused Amazon of asking her to scan social media profiles of prospective employees to determine their race and gender, then sacking her after she complained about the practice.

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According to the lawsuit filed in Alemeda Superior Court on Monday, the former manager believed “scouring social media accounts for the purpose of ascertaining race and ethnicity was unlawful”, filing a complaint with her superiors in September last year.

In November McCarrick was fired from Amazon during a meeting in which she claims she was told her direct supervisor admitted to using social media accounts to determine ethnicity.

She went on to accuse Amazon of paying her less than her male counterparts for doing the same job.

Amazon has not yet responded to requests for comment.

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