Supermarket electric vehicle charging points have doubled since 2017

Supermarkets in the UK have dramatically increased the number of electric vehicle (EV) charging points over the past two years.

The number of EV charging points available in supermarket carparks doubled between October 2017 and the end of 2019, according to new research from the RAC and Zap-Map.

EV charging points at supermarkets grew 95 per cent over the period to 1115, representing around 6.5 per cent of the entire UK’s public charge points.

Despite this the number of supermarkets who offer EV charging is still relatively low at just five per cent.

Asda currently has 122 sites which cater for EV charging, equating to around 19 per cent of its stores, while Morrisons has 89 locations equating to 18 per cent of its store estate.

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While Tesco only offers charging at four per cent of its locations, this was still more than any other supermarket with 142 locations.

Only 15 per cent of supermarket charge points enable fast charging, with Lidl and Morrisons leading the way with 63 and 59 per cent of their charge points offering the feature.

“We have always said that it makes sense for people to be able to charge at supermarkets because anyone doing a full shop will inevitably spend 45 minutes in store,” RAC spokesman Simon Williams said.

“The UK’s big four supermarkets currently dominate fuel retailing so it will be very interesting to see if a similar battle will develop in EV charging.

“The introduction of more rapid chargers at supermarkets may even stimulate take-up now as it would make EVs viable for those who cannot charge at home because of where they live”.

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