Amazon launches new business to sell cashier-less convenience stores to retailers

Amazon has revealed it will launch a new website for its so-called Just Walk Out technology service.

Speaking to Reuters, the online retail giant said it will launch a new website for the service, and that it has already signed “several” deals with retailers.

The new business line will sell technology to enable other retailers to operate cashier-less convenience stores.

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The rise of Amazon Go has meant shoppers are now increasingly familiar with cashier-less retail experiences.

Unlike Amazon’s Go stores, retailers using the Just Walk Out technology will invite shoppers to insert a credit card into a gated turnstile to enter, rather than scanning an app.

The turnstiles will display the logo “Just Walk Out technology by Amazon,” but all other branding and store aspects will be controlled by the retailer using the service.

Items picked up by a customer and any guests who enter with them will be added to the shopper’s virtual cart. The store will charge the credit card once the person or group leaves the store, meaning there are no bar code scans or checkout lines.

According to Reuters, Amazon Vice President of physical retail and technology Dilip Kumar said Amazon will install the technology including ceiling cameras and shelf weight sensors at retailers’ stores, whether they are new locations or retrofits, and it will have a 24-7 support line.

Kumar declined to give details on the service’s pricing or business model, or whether Amazon would sell the capability to its big box rivals.

Amazon currently operates 25 check-out free Amazon Go outlets, ranging from 1,200 to 2,700 square feet.

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