Amazon names first business to adopt Just Walk Out tech

Airport retailer OTG is the first retailer to adopt Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology.

The first store, a CIBO Express Gourmet Market, is planned to open next week at Newark Liberty’s Terminal C.

OTG will then use the Just Walk Out technology at both Newark and LaGuardian airports.

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“We’re incredibly proud to be integrating Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology into the OTG airport experience,” says OTG chief executive Rick Blatstein.

“We have always embraced technology as a means of optimising the airport experience so that we can give our guests their time back. By using the world’s most advanced shopping technology in our CIBO Express Gourmet Markets, we’re doing just that by putting our guests in full control of their time.”

OTG operates more than one hundred CIBO Express Gourmet Markets across 10 major North American airports. The stores stock items like ready-made and fresh foods, health and beauty items, gifts and electronics.

At the start of the week Amazon revealed it will launch a new website for its so-called Just Walk Out technology service.

The new business line will sell technology to enable other retailers to operate cashier-less convenience stores.

Unlike Amazon’s Go stores, retailers using the Just Walk Out technology will invite shoppers to insert a credit card into a gated turnstile to enter, rather than scanning an app.

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