Amazon struggles under Whole Foods delivery demands

Even online giant Amazon isn’t immune to the staggering demand of consumers looking to stockpile in the wake of a spreading coronavirus, according to Bloomberg.

On Sunday the retailer confirmed it had experienced a technical glitch affecting online grocery orders through its Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh delivery services.

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“As COVID-19 has spread, we’ve seen a significant increase in people shopping online for groceries,” an Amazon spokeswoman said in a statement to Bloomberg.

“Today this resulted in a systems impact affecting our ability to deliver Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Market orders tonight. We’re contacting customers, issuing concessions, and are working around the clock to quickly to resolve the issue.”

Amazon came up against problems on Sunday March 15, as panic buying left shelf stores empty and the retailer’s Whole Food, Amazon Fresh and Prime businesses struggling to meet delivery capacity.

Amazon notified delivery drivers Sunday evening about a “technical issue that is causing a delay to Prime Now, Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods Markets orders being assigned to delivery partners,” according to the company memo reported by Bloomberg.

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