GameStop ignores retail lockdown orders claiming it is classed as “essential”

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GamesStop has ignored country-wide orders to close down all non-essential retail stores arguing that its products were able to enhance “customers’ experience working from home”.

The US videogame retailer told staff in a memo yesterday that “we believe GameStop is classified as essential retail and therefore is able to remain open during this time”, according to Kotaku.

This comes as US law enforcers have instructed all non-essential retail stores to shut down in order to try and contain the spread of the virus.

GameStop’s memo goes on to warn staff that local authorities have been visiting stores in an attempt to “enforce closure despite our classification”, instructing store managers to provide authorities with a document which encourages police officers to call its head office.

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Unsurprisingly the move has drawn widespread outrage and criticism from both its employees who are unnecessarily being put at risk and customers on social media.

It added later yesterday evening that it would be reducing hours, postponing events and suspending used game trade-ins until March 29.

Yesterday it was reported that more than 110 retailers across the US had shut their doors indefinitely amid the lockdown.

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Ben StevensInstore News

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