Alibaba faces backlash after forcing staff to fill out daily health reports

Alibaba is facing a backlash from staff after demanding they submit detailed daily health reports.

Lazada, Alibaba’s Southeast Asian arm, is understood to be demanding that staff fill out detailed reports about their health and where they have been recently seven days a week, according to Reuters.

Despite Lazada stating these measures are voluntary, numerous anonymous sources have stated that they receive frequent calls from human resources every day of the week if they do not submit them.

While similar measures have become commonplace in China, Lazada’s staff in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines and Thailand have pushed back citing it as a major invasion of privacy.

The retailer is also understood to have asked employees not to refrain from attending religious gatherings.

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Staff are understood to have raised their concerns about the practices to manages via Alibaba-developed app Dingtalk.

In countries such as the Philippines where privacy laws are stricter, Alibaba was forced to make changes, adding a paragraph stating that all data collected will be “processed in accordance with data privacy laws”.

Speaking to Reuters, Lazada’s group chief strategy officer Magnus Ekbom denied staff were taking issue with the measures.

“Lazada has a clear top priority to safeguard the well-being of our team and the community around us,” he said in a statement.

“Our approach is in line with the recommendations made by the various governments in nations we operate in.”

Alibaba owns 90 per cent of Lazada, which it has piled $3 billion into since 2016.

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