Deliveroo threatens to sack drivers and call the police on restaurants not exercising social distancing

Deliveroo has warned drivers they will be sacked if they “do not keep a safe distance from others” after photos emerged of delivery employees crowding into restaurants.

A letter sent to drivers, seen by The Grocer, issued a stark warning to drivers that their “Supplier Agreement will be terminated” if they do not abide by social distancing rules set by the government.

This comes after numerous complaints emerged on social media showing images of Deliveroo drivers in numerous chain restaurants crowding together.

The government guidelines on social distances state people need to stay two metres or six foot away from each other when in public to avoid spreading the virus.

Deliveroo told drivers that if they were “seen gathered outside or nearby restaurants the police will close the restaurant.

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“If that happens, the restaurant will no longer be available on Deliveroo and we will not be able to offer you as many orders.”

Deliveroo also responded to comments on Twitter stating that it has “signs instructing Deliveroo drivers to keep two metres apart, however, we will make sure we pick this up with Deliveroo and our store managers to makes sure this is being adhered to, to keep everyone safe”.

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