Online retail sales jump 74% in March


March saw online sales volumes skyrocket by nearly three quarters year-on-year as shopping habits during the pandemic continue to shift dramatically.

Online average transaction volumes jumped 74 per cent during the month, according to data from ACI Worldwide which analysed hundreds of millions of global transactions.

Garden essentials saw the highest boost in traffic, rising 163 per cent compared to March 2019 as the increasingly warm weather encourages people into their gardens during lockdown.

DIY products similarly saw a rise of 136 per cent, while home products and furnishing saw transaction volumes jump 97 per cent.

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Electronics also saw a 26.6 per cent boost, aided by a 97 per cent rise in online gaming sales.

“During these unprecedented and uncertain times with millions now at home, many consumers are going online to purchase products or services,” ACI Worldwide’s product director Amanda Mickleburgh said.

“Quarantine has changed lives for all of us, with consumers buying electronics and furniture – to support work, communication, school and entertainment – as well as items such as home goods and DIY products.”

Meanwhile, ticketing sales took an unsurprising hit of 60 per cent, alongside a 44 per cent drop in travel sales and an 8.9 per cent drop in online dating.

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