Onbuy launches Call of Duty: Warzone professional coaching service paying “Gulag Gurus” £35 an hour

Onbuy is offering Call of Dury: Warzone players £35 an hour to coach players struggling to improve in the game.

The UK-centric online retail marketplace is recruiting talented players of the new free-to-play battle royal shooter, which now has over 50 million players worldwide.

“Gulag Gurus” can now sign up with Onbuy and act as a professional coach to gamers who want to improve their overall ability, in-game tactics, weapon loadouts and ability to break out of the Gulag.

When players die in the game, they’re sent to the Gulag where they are able to win a second chance by beating another player in a one-on-one gunfight.

According to a survey conducted by Onbuy, 65 per cent of players admit to struggling in the Gulag, with 26 per cent saying they’ve never managed to escape.

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Meanwhile nearly three quarters of players (74 per cent) say they wanted to be better at the game.

Potential Gulag Gurus can apply to become a coach here, but must be able to demonstrate their skill, have a working PS4, Xbox One or gaming PC and a strong internet connection.

Those that make the cut can expect to be paid £35 an hour when the service is launched, and will be able spectate on their trainee’s matches and offer advice in real time.

Call of Duty: Warzone has taken the gaming world by storm and seems to have arrived at the perfect time, when many are confined to their homes and in need of a good distraction from the rolling news coverage,” Onbuy’s founder and chief executive Cas Paton said.

“It has been great to see people that haven’t picked up a controller in years get back into gaming and it is also providing a really nice (and competitive) way for friends and colleagues to stay in touch during the lockdown.

“The Gulag feature has been a great addition to the Battle Royale format, yet we have been seeing a lot of players struggling to break out and unsure of the best approach to take. We thought why not set up a service that not only helps those who are struggling, but also allows the best of the best to get paid to play their favourite game.”

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