Liverpool One launches virtual entertainment programme for families in lockdown

Liverpool One shopping centre has launched a range of virtual entertainment initiatives that its customers can experience at home.

Dinosaurs Unleased, an interactive experience launched at the centre in March last year, has now been relaunched for customers to play at home with their family.

The free home edition allows users to hatch dinosaur eggs, feed them and interact with the virtually using the app.

Activation markers can be printed out and hidden around the home and garden to recreate the dinosaur hunt experience which until now was only available around the shopping centre.

Users can also battle their dinosaurs against others online, while dinosaur trainers will be online to provide gamers with tips and facts about their dinosaurs.

Elsewhere the centre’s “Tickle the Ivories” pianos, which are open to amateur and professional musicians to perform at the centre, have been taken online in a virtual festival.

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“Tickle at Home” is a new YouTube channel enabling musicians to upload their own clips, alongside showing highlights from last year’s busking programme.

“The evidence that people need to feel connected during the lockdown is overwhelming, and our stay-at-home virtual experiences have been launched to help achieve that,” Grosvenor Europe’s asset management director Alison Clegg said.

“Dinosaurs Unleashed is already creating a sense of community online, while Tickle at Home is bringing a smile to people, proving we do not have to be isolated from one another, or the places we love, even in these difficult times.”

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