Contactless limit rise to £45 leads to 7 million extra transactions and jump in average spend

Seven million extra contactless payments have been made since the limit was raised at the start of the month, while average transactions rise nearly £5.

Contactless spending limits were raised from £30 to £45 across the UK on April 1 in a bid to enable more people to pay for shopping without having to use cash or touch pin pads, potentially helping limit the spread of coronavirus.

According to payments giant Barclaycard, 7 million customers have paid for items over £30 using their contactless cards since the measures were introduced.

This accounted for around 43 per cent of all payments between £30 and £45, totalling a spend of over £264 million.

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The new limits have also seen average transaction value jump from £9.28 to just under £14, while the average spend over £30 is £36.

“We want to play our part in helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19, so we are delighted to have reached 7 million transactions so quickly,” Barclaycard Payments chief executive Rob Cameron said.

“We would like to thank our clients both large and small for working with us to make the required changes, and for promoting the new limits to consumers.

“This rapid adoption would not have been possible without them. We believe that contactless is the safest, fastest and most responsible way to pay in store, and we encourage all consumers to take advantage of the new higher limit where possible.”

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