1m deliveries a week: Tesco becomes first grocer to reach milestone thanks to 16,000 new staff

Tesco delivered over 1 million orders last week becoming the first retailer in the UK’s history to do so thanks to its army of new staff.

The UK’s largest grocer has dramatically expanded its delivery capacity since the start of the pandemic, from around 600,000 to 1 million per week, in fervent efforts to match demand from shoppers stuck at home.

On Tuesday, Tesco said its staff had picked a whopping 10 million items, the most ever seen in a single day.

These staggering numbers have been made possible by the hiring of around 16,000 new staff since the start of the outbreak, including 12,000 new picking employees and 4000 drivers.

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Despite the rapid expansion in online delivery slots, which has been see across the UK’s grocery sector, the UK government warned over the weekend that there was still “not enough to meet demand”.

Tesco said it plans to continue its expansion, aiming for a weekly capacity of 1.2 million, double its pre-crisis capacity.

“Now, more than ever, it’s important we do everything we can to help people get access to food, particularly our most vulnerable customers,” Tesco’s online managing director Chris Poad said.

“We’ve rapidly changed our online business to help create more slots for people that need them most – from recruiting thousands of new colleagues to changing the way we pick and pack orders.

“We know there’s still more we can do and we’ll keep working hard to find ways we can serve even more people through this time.”

Delivery slots have across the sector have grown from 2.1 million at the beginning of the nationwide lockdown to 2.6 million.

According to environment secretary George Eustice supermarkets across the UK will add an extra 300,000 delivery slots in the coming weeks.

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