Amazon UK’s addition to US ‘notorious markets list’ a “slap in the face” for British retailers

Amazon UK’s placement on the US government’s ‘notorious markets List’ has been branded “insulting to UK retailers” and could have a significant impact on sales to the US in future.

Last week the Trump administration placed five of Amazon’s foreign websites, including the UK, France, Canada, India and Germany on its notorious markets list.

The list reviews the intellectual property practices of trading partners from all over the world, highlighting those which it says repeatedly engage in counterfeiting and cause significant financial harm to US business.

Amazon slammed the move, alleging it was the latest attack in an ongoing spat between the world’s largest retailer and President Donald Trump.

According to ParcelHero’s head of consumer research David Jinks said this move is calculated insult to UK retailers.

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“ParcelHero believes that tarring Amazon UK retailers with the same brush as many questionable trading and download sites is out of all proportion and it’s also a slap in the face for UK sellers legitimately selling properly branded products to the US.

“Be under no illusion, inclusion on the notorious markets list is not a light thing. Last year, more than ten music streaming sites were forced to close after being featured in the list, and many TV sites such as Vader Streams, One Step TV and Omniverse One World Television had their domain names suspended.

“It would be concerning if the President were using this Office to pursue his own personal agenda against Amazon and its founder, potentially damaging UK-US trade, and the livelihoods of UK sellers, in the process.

“It’s true that Amazon has not exactly covered itself in glory over its coronavirus response, but the inclusion of Amazon UK on a list of counterfeit and piracy sites is entirely unwarranted.”

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