Lidl launches WhatsApp chatbot to inform customers when the best times to shop are

Lidl has launched an online chatbot via WhatsApp so customers can avoid queues and find the quietest time to shop.

Customers in Ireland can now send a message to Lidl through the Facebook-owned messaging app informing the chatbot of the day and time they intend to visit.

The chatbot will then inform them if this is generally a quiet, average or busy time to visit, the supermarket said in a LinkedIn post.

“We’ve analysed our shopper behaviour over the past couple of weeks to find the quietest time to head into store – of course some stores will vary slightly but use the info below to help plan your shop,” Lidl spokesperson said.

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“This innovative approach uses real time data and customer transaction numbers to determine which hours of the day are quietest to visit and which are busiest, allowing for customers to plan their shopping trips accordingly.

“This functionality is the first of its kind of any Lidl store in the world, using customised software created by Lidl.”

To access the chatbot customers can visit on a mobile device.

‘They will then receive a code via email which they can share with family members, friends or a volunteer who can utilise this code to purchase their shopping at Lidl,’ it added.

More information on Lidl Community Cards can be found here:

This is not Lidl’s first chatbot, having launched its “virtual sommelier” chatbot through Facebook messenger in 2018.

Dubbed “Margot”, the artificially intelligent chatbot is said to “perform the role of shopper’s virtual wine consultant”.

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  • David Graham Long
    February 17, 2021 7:52 pm

    Lidl can you start stoking light bulbs with the standard UK fitment which is banet cap and not Edison screw which is the USA STANDARD!

  • Mrs Derdre Phillips
    October 10, 2022 3:20 pm

    I have not seen Curry King prawns for a few Vitasia with an Indian style sauce.When are you going to order these items please


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