Honda is developing world’s first in-car voice activated shopping system

Honda has partnered with Chinese tech giant Tencent to develop the world’s first in-car voice activated shopping system.

The two companies are working together on a new infotainment system that will run on Tencent’s “internet of vehicles” TAO 3.0 system and be installed in new Honda vehicles.

For the first time this infotainment system will include a shopping feature for the Chinese market, allowing drivers to place an order and make a payment with their voice.

According to both companies, drivers will be able to do these things safely without any hinderance to the drivers ability or focus.

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The new infotainment system is also expected to integrate WeChat, enabling drivers to send messages via the platform using their car, but this is expected to be limited to when the car is stationery.

Other features will include access to Tencent’s audio services, including music streaming, internet radio and audiobooks.

“Young men’s demands on mobility services are changing in the era where intelligence and connectivity functions are serving as one of core driving factors to Chinese consumers’ car shopping, and the mobile Internet is in exploding development,”  vice president of Tencent Intelligent Mobility Zhong Xuedan said.

“We will team up with Honda China on exploring the in-car ecosystem and service system befitting China’s market by leveraging our advantages in technologies and ecosystem building, so as to assist Honda with its development of localized digital strategy”.

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