Tesco allows shoppers to queue in their cars while its raining

Tesco is allowing shoppers to queue inside their cars when it is raining in order for shoppers to maintain social distancing measures.

As the sunniest May since records began comes to an end, crowds of shoppers queuing to get inside supermarkets will now have to deal with both social distancing and the weather.

In light of the increasingly wet weather, Tesco has said customers may be able to stay in their car while queueing.

“If it’s raining or particularly cold, we may ask you to stay in your car to queue – we’ll let you know when you can come in,” its website read.

It’s not clear whether the system will allow shoppers to join a virtual queue and remain in parked cars, similar to Asda’s recently launched virtual queueing initiative.

Charged has reached out to Tesco for comment on the new measures but at the time of publishing has not received any more information.

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Tesco has also introduced a new automated queuing system using “3D body imaging” to track the number of people in store and ensure social distancing is maintained.

It is set to roll out the new technology across the majority of its stores in Ireland, following a successful trial at its branch in Greystones, starting with 60 of its largest branches.

Customers waiting to enter the store will be presented with a digital kiosk at the entrance which displays both the number of shoppers currently in the store and the maximum number allowed in to maintain social distancing.

If the number of shoppers is below the maximum, which will change from store to store, the sign will invite shoppers to “please come in”, but if the store is at capacity it will instruct them to wait.

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