Elon Musk calls for Amazon to be “broken up” in Twitter spat

Elon Musk has called for Amazon to be “broken up” in a tweet directed at Jeff Bezos after the retailer refused to sell a book about COVID-19.

The Tesla founder and chief executive tagged fellow billionaire Bezos in a tweet on Thursday stating that Amazon’s decision not to publish Unreported truths about Covid-19 and lockdowns was “insane”, adding “Time to break up Amazon. Monopolies are wrong!”

It saw Musk break a two-day Twitter hiatus after telling his 35.6 million followers that he was “Off Twitter for a while”.

The tweet was in response to Alex Berenson, authored of the 6400-word ebook, who complained on Twitter that Amazon had banned his book from being sold because it “does not comply with our guidelines”.

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Amazon has since said that this decision was an error, and that both the e-book and paperback copies of the book are now available.

Berenson’s book questions the efficacy of the lockdown measures imposed by the government, of which Musk has been particularly critical.

In April Musk tweeted “FREE AMERICA NOW” and “give people their freedom back” despite the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the US hitting nearly 2 million.

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