Tesco makes changes to its online shopping service allowing customers to purchase more items

Tesco has begun removing purchase limits for online orders and essential items as its operations begin adjust to the new normal.

During the start of the pandemic the UK’s largest grocer limited online order sizes to 80 items in an attempt to mitigate panic buying and relieve the pressure on its online operations.

This is now being gradually eased to 85 items as the retailer’s supply chain and delivery capacity has adjusted to the new demands of life under lockdown.

Purchase limits were also imposed on items as supply chains struggled to meet demand due to widespread panic buying.

These have now been lifted on all Tesco’s items except staples including pasta, toilet roll, hand sanitiser and alcohol.

Since the start of the pandemic, Tesco has piled resources into quickly shifting its operations to meet new demands, dramatically ramping up its online delivery service and imposing new measures within its stores to maintain social distancing.

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In late April, Tesco announced that it had dramatically expanded its delivery capacity since the start of the pandemic from around 600,000 to 1 million per week.

This was made possible by the hiring of around 16,000 new staff since the start of the outbreak, including 12,000 new picking employees and 4000 drivers.

In Ireland the grocer has also begun testing new measures to ensure its customers and staff stay safe while in its stores.

Tesco has introduced a new automated queuing system using “3D body imaging” to track the number of people in store.

Customers waiting to enter the store will be presented with a digital kiosk at the entrance which displays both the number of shoppers currently in the store and the maximum number allowed in to maintain social distancing.

If the number of shoppers is below the maximum, which will change from store to store, the sign will invite shoppers to “please come in”, but if the store is at capacity it will instruct them to wait.

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