Ikea voted most successful ecommerce retailer during lockdown

Ikea has been voted the most successful retailer during the coronavirus lockdown thanks to its ability to roll with the punches and “grow their ecommerce revenue”.

The Swedish furniture giant, which reopened its physical stores to the public last week to queues of shoppers which often lasted four hours, has been the most successful in altering it operations to perform during lockdown according to Digital Silk.

Digital Silk’s report analysed factors including digital sales, traffic and customer retention to determine the 11 companies that have performed best since non-essential retailers were forced to close their physical operations.

Ikea beat other retail giants including Nike, Lululemon and Steam to the top spot, with its ecommerce sales reaching 10 times their pre-pandemic levels in some markets.

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Other initiatives such as its advanced virtual showrooms with mobile deep learning helped ensure that Ikea thrived during these difficult circumstances.

Following Ikea, was takeaway Pizza chain Papa Johns which was recognised for offering no-contact delivery, a smooth online ordering process and “Papa Track” feature allowing customers to accurately track their orders, leading to deliveries to rise overall during lockdown.

Nike came third after it waived online fees for its NTC Premium service, offering Nike Plus and free fitness classes to swathes of customers craving exercise while gyms remain shut.

“As consumers look to shop more online due to social distancing and self-isolation, there have been increases in traffic and sales for the best performing ecommerce sites,” the report read.

“These high-performing companies have maneuvered the challenges of the COVID-19 crisis to grow their eCommerce revenue.

“These cases showcase some exemplary steps that can serve as guidance for other businesses facing the Coronavirus eCommerce impact and coping with new challenges or looking to expand.”

Other retailers in the list include athleisure brand Lululemon, online games retailer Steam, kitchen tools brand William Sonoma and Vitamin World.

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  • This is utter rubbish! Their stock levels were very low and incomplete orders delivered without notice. Deliveries were cancelled without notice – but fortunately we weren’t able to go out anyway! Two-man lift deliveries were delayed by up to 2 months then handled by one man. You couldn’t contact them by phone – they set the communication strategy not their customers. Their systems didn’t have the capacity to alter an order, only to cancel it. They couldn’t set-up a click and collect service like most other retailers. Please let’s have a customer view rather than an insider industry view or at least both so a comparison can be made.

  • Digital Silk must have been using the back of a very small ciggy packet for their calculations… Got a text on Monday asking me to call Ikea Customer Support to swap out a faulty oven (warranty). Phoned the number, to get a recorded message saying ‘Sorry, we are closed. Opening hours are Mon-Sun, 9-5.30’. It was 2pm.
    I tried repeatedly yesterday and today – same message. So, they clearly don’t know which way is up at the moment (and if Digital Silk had taken a cursory look at their Twitter feed etc., they would have found out).


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