Aldi becomes first major UK supermarket to sell non-medical face masks

Aldi has become the first major UK supermarket to begin selling face masks as the country prepares to move into the next stage of lockdown.

Face masks can now be purchased in Aldi’s middle aisle and online in its “Specialbuy” section after the German discounter began stocking them over the weekend.

Customers can purchase two re-usable machine washable masks for £4.99, but Aldi has stressed that they are non-medical and are not “intended for use in healthcare settings”.

“This is a general use face covering” Aldi said, adding: “It’s not a medical device or personal protective equipment.”

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Until now supermarkets have been reluctant to stock face masks over fears they would be depriving front line staff of stock.

By stocking non-medical masks, supermarkets can ensure that NHS staff and other frontline workers still have access to the PPE they need.

According to The Grocer, other major UK supermarkets are set to begin stocking face masks before the start of July.

It comes as the government prepares to re-open non-essential retail and make face masks compulsory for public transport from June 15.

Anyone in an enclosed public space, including shops, are also ‘recommended’ to wear a mask, though this is not yet compulsory.

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  • NOT QUITE RIGHT .!.Home bargains have already been selling non medical,washable and disposable face maskjs and visors for weeks.

  • Has Asda not selling the same..?

  • Don’t waste your money and put your well-being under further assault. You are safe and don’t need this. Please look beyond the headlines.

    • This is a respiratory disease. That’s to say, if you have it then you spread it in your breath, especially if you cough or sneeze.
      A face mask, even a scarf wrapped around your face, will mostly trap those virus particles.

    • Gillian Clare
      June 13, 2020 10:12 am

      Well from Monday it is mandatory if want to use public transport or we get fined or refused travel

    • And about time! So the big guns have finally awaken. Three months ago face masks should have been on the supermarket shelves. What happened to government planning?

  • The Range sell it for more than a month now

  • I wouldn’t consider any of the below “major supermarkets”, and as far as I know Asda isn’t selling them

  • B & M & The Range are selling face masks.

  • James Mitchell
    June 24, 2020 9:16 pm

    I put grapes in my nostrils and wrap a flannel over my face. Can’t do any harm.


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