Tesco to convert surplus food into renewable energy and power 6 stores

Tesco will soon use surplus food to power six of its stores as it embarks on an ambitious new renewable energy project.

Tesco Ireland has launched a partnership with renewable energy organisation Green Generation to launch an initiative which will see its surplus food converted into renewable gas, and then electricity.

As part of its wider plan to “become a zero-carbon retailer by 2050” Tesco will handover its surplus food to Green Generation, who will then convert it to biomethane in its £2.2 million anaerobic-digestion plant in Nurney.

Once it has been converted into biomethane, a clean carbon-neutral fuel that can be used for heating, transport and electricity, it will be fed into an entry point in Kildare.

The supermarket will then purchase its back as energy from green energy supplier Naturgy.

Tesco will reportedly continue to donate any leftover meat to its long-term charity partner FoodCloud.

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It is understood that this will reduce Tesco’s emissions by 1200 tonnes every year.

“This new partnership with Green Generation aligns with our Little Helps Sustainability plan which guides us in tackling climate change and food waste and allows us to support indigenous and creative solutions to the increasing challenges faced by society as a result,” Tesco Ireland’s chief executive Kari Daniels said.

“This new initiative will help us in our ambition to become a zero-carbon retailer by 2050, as we work together to support national and international climate action.”

Green Generation’s Billy Costello added: “We have been generating energy from waste for a number of years and know that renewable gas can not only solve our energy issues, but it can also help deliver a truly sustainable circular economy, by harnessing food and animal waste to deliver clean energy”.

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