70% of Brits say they’d be uncomfortable shopping in store despite immanent reopening

Non-essential retailers could continue to struggle after opening their doors next week as 70 per cent of customers say they wouldn’t feel comfortable shopping in store.

According to EY’s Future Consumer Index report, British consumers are increasingly concerned with returning to “normal life” and are increasingly anxious about visiting physical stores.

In a survey of over 1000 people, a whopping 80 per cent said they’d be uncomfortable trying on clothes in a store, while three quarters said they feel uncomfortable shopping in supermarkets despite it being a necessity.

According to the survey of 1,017 UK consumers, four in five (80%) said they would be uncomfortable trying on clothes in a store. Even though visiting a grocery store has remained a necessity for many people during lockdown, only a quarter (25%) said they currently feel comfortable going.

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Furthermore 67 per cent of customers said it would be months or even years before they would return to restaurants, rising to 73 per cent for pubs.

“UK consumer companies will need to be aware of consumers’ heightened concerns and make every effort to mitigate anxiety if they are to prosper in this new market,” EY’s consumer product and retail partner Silvia Rindone said.

Conversely, GlobalWebIndex’s chief research officer Jason Mander said: “The majority of Brits want to get back to normal as soon as possible, as our research shows they plan a quick return to the shops once lockdown eases.

“But, in order to do so, people expect shops to be able to better manage their safety concerns and are yet to be convinced that appropriate measures will be put in place in larger venues where crowds would typically be bigger.”

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